Don't have time to unpack and assemble your new furniture in Brooksville or Wesley Chapel, FL?

Leave the furniture assembly to the pros at Home Improvement A/V

We take the stress out of your hands by providing furniture assembly services in Brooksville and Wesley Chapel, FL. Our team will meet with you beforehand to get the specifics of what furniture you need assembled and will even discuss with you where you would like the new furniture staged.

Assembling furniture takes time out of your busy day

Our team will alleviate the extra stress of assembling your new furniture:

  • We will begin by unpacking the furniture pieces and inspecting them for any damage during transportation.
  • Our pros will assemble the furniture according to the manufacturer's instructions, using the appropriate tools and hardware.
  • We ensure that the furniture is assembled correctly, with all parts securely connected and aligned properly.
  • If requested, we may help you position the furniture in the desired locations within the home.

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